Texas LTC - Some Important Things to Consider

Texas LTC - Some Important Things to Consider

Your freedom to hold arms and protect yourself is becoming ever more important. Since early times, it was not a necessity to own a license to carry a firearm. We have now entered into a modern society where it is your right to know the law, hold yourself responsible to be educated on the use of a firearm, act in a safe manner, and know how to negotiate a peaceful outcome without using force. We cannot depend solely on our police response time, as time may be of the essence. The criminal aspect is also bred in our own people caused by various reasons such as unemployment, lack of education, depression, and simple criminal background. These factors are leading reasons for those of us who are concerned with safety of ourselves, family, friends, and our property, to want to protect ourselves.

These changes in our lives have led us to the concealed handgun issue. It affects our home, our automobiles, our schools and colleges and is being discussed in our political arenas with our congress and senators at Federal, state, ad local levels. Simple put, we do not have the freedom to do as we please as in years gone by. We must change our thoughts as to how best to accomplish our safety and abide by the law.

In most of our larger cities the response time is rather slow as our police forces are overworked due to the criminal activity surrounding us on a daily basis. We the public, as well as our police force, cannot project what or when we might be faced with an occasion where we would need some type of self-defense. Therefore, we must remain vigilant and alert as to what we might be facing at any given time. We must be alert as to our surroundings such as where we park our cars, where we might travel on foot or on public transit or any place where we might be susceptible to robbery, personal injury, hate crimes or racial unrest which has become an issue in recent times. It seems as if we cannot relax and enjoy life as we could before our population grew to such a large number. We have reached the point when we cannot ignore our surroundings. Those who have guns please be aware of your surrounding should you choose to or have a need to use it. Those who do not should give considerable thought to some type of self-protection such as a hand gun.

In Texas if you have a clean background you have the privilege of obtaining a concealed handgun license through training and attending a concealed handgun license class and a proficiency test. The classes are designed to show and teach the safety relating to operating a gun. These classes are relatively inexpensive and are necessary tools to help you get your state issued concealed license.

Anyone who has thought about but not done so should consider getting a concealed license as there are so many occasions that could arise when you might need protection outside your home and automobile. Some of the public would like unlicensed, no background check open carry. This would not be a good idea as most of the public are not aware of the laws dealing with the use of a gun and some of our own citizens may have some unsavory background which would not be detected as part of the qualifications for obtaining a license. These classes are designed to pinpoint safety factors to help protect the gun owner and other citizens.

Some of our politicians and government would like us to believe that we live in a safe environment and do not need any self-protection. Our lives are constantly changing as we experience the changes around us that we have no control over. Therefore, we must in some way provide our own protection. One factor in accomplishing this is our right to own and bear arms. To have a legal and broad range of self-protection is to obtain our concealed gun license. The concealed handgun license does not teach a person how to use a gun but does teach the safety features and the legalities in using a gun. Most of the public think that they can simply buy a gun, put it in their pocket, and in this way they are protecting themselves and others but they are not aware of the laws surrounding using a gun and when and where they can do so.

I have had many prospective students tell me that they have or are preparing to take a class given by ex-police and law enforcement officers but the officers in most instances are fine officers but do they follow the proper procedures as the state and NRA recommend or do they use their reputation as a police officer to draw people to their classes? In most instances they do follow the State of Texas and NRA recommendations, however, it is up to you to find the best CHL training for your education and protection.

If a person has a gun in their possession without a license outside their home or car and are written a citation for same they will not in most instances be allowed to obtain a concealed license after that occurrence. The background check will show past misconduct which will not allow a person to get a concealed license.

Please, if you are thinking about buying a gun; get your license before you begin carrying it for your protection and others.

How can I get a Texas LTC?

How can I get a Texas LTC?

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) licenses individuals to carry concealed handguns within Texas. DPS evaluates the eligibility of applicants through criminal history background checks, and monitors those currently licensed to ensure their continued eligibility. DPS also trains and certifies instructors who teach the required course to Concealed Handgun License applicants.

What are the requirements to get a Texas LTC?

Generally speaking, to qualify for a Texas LTC you must meet the following requirements:
You must be at least 21 years old unless you are active duty military.
You must meet all the Federal qualifications to purchase a handgun.
You must successfully complete the required LTC Training.

There are a number of things that may prevent you from qualifying for a Texas LTC.
You may be ineligible if you have any felony convictions.
You may be ineligible if you have some types of misdemeanor convictions or charges that resulted in probation or deferred adjudication.
You may be ineligible if you have any pending criminal charges.
You may be ineligible if you have any protective or restraining orders against you.
You may be ineligible if you have been diagnosed with certain types of psychological disorders or diseases.
You may be ineligible if you have any chemical, drug, or alcohol dependencies.
You may be ineligible if you have defaulted on your federal, state, or city taxes, state or federal government fees, or child support.

If you require additional information on the specifics of qualifying, please visit the Texas Department of Public Safety, Concealed Handgun Licensing


What are the steps to get a Texas LTC?

There are two steps in the application process and these steps can be completed in any order.

1. Take an approved LTC training course.
You can take the required course at Action LTC. Click here to see schedule of classes. This required course is approximately 6 hours long and is broken up into two parts: classroom and range.
The range part of the class WILL NOT teach you how to shoot; it is intended to test you on your proficiency. If you have not fired a weapon before, you should consider taking an Introduction to Handguns course prior to trying to get your CHL. After you have successfully completed the CHL class, you will receive a Form CHL-100. You will need to send the Form CHL-100 in with your other paperwork. The Form CHL-100 is valid for 6 months.

2. Complete the on-line LTC application. There are a couple of parts to this section.

1. Visit dps.texas.gov/rsd/chl/ to begin the application process and pay the required fees as part of the process. List of fees can be found here.
2. If you have a valid Texas Driver's License or valid Texas ID, they will use that photo for your LTC. If you do not have a valid Texas Driver's License or valid Texas ID, you will need to have a passport photo taken and submit it with your paperwork.
3. Your enrollment must be on file with DPS before you can make an appointment for you fingerprints.
4. You must have your fingerprints taken. The State of Texas uses a third party company called IdentoGO for this service. You can visit IdentoGO to schedule to have your fingerprints taken. As part of the on-line process, they will provide you will all necessary forms that you will need to print out and then submit. If you are missing any of the forms, you can download them on the website.


Once you have completed all of the above steps, gather all of the required forms and mail them to one of the two addresses below:

If you are sending payment along with your applications: 
Regulatory Services Division MSC 0245
Texas Department of Public Safety
PO Box 15888
Austin, TX 78761-5888

If you already paid online, send to:

DPS Concealed Handgun MSC-0245
P.O. Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0001

You can check the status of your license by going to dps.texas.gov/rsd/

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